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PCOS Reversal Journey

A specialized plan designed to reverse PCOS symptoms and restore hormonal balance. This program will include identifying the root cause of your PCOS and reverse symptoms through targeted nutrition, stress management, and evidence-based wellness practices.

Rs.20000 Rs.7800

Wholesome Weight Loss Blueprint

A healthy, sustainable weight loss plan that focuses on nutrient-dense foods, mindful eating, and effective lifestyle habits for long-term results.

Monthly Plan – Rs.3000 per month
Quarterly – Rs.9000 Rs.7800

Total Health Empowerment Program

A comprehensive and personalized health management plan that addresses all aspects of wellness, including weight loss, weight gain, holistic healing through functional medicine, and management of conditions such as PCOS, thyroid issues, fatty liver, diabetes, insomnia, and more. This all-encompassing program supports individuals on their journey to optimal health and well-being.

Rs.20000 Rs.7800

Consultation Call

A personalized consultation call designed to empower clients with tailored advice on lifestyle modifications, supplement recommendations, and expert guidance on various nutrition and wellness topics.

Rs. 2000


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